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Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, it is all going to look toward the presidential debate coming up. >> rose: john heilemann? >> charlie, you know, the first, hain thing i thought at the end of this debate, man i can't wait to see what saturday night live does th i there is jt a lot of wonderful, a lot of lampoonable moments and lampoonable behaviors and stylistic stuff as mark was mentioning about joe biden. >> i thought this debate was even on both sides very, aimed very much at the base of both parties and not only will democrats be enthused and i will get back to that in a second but republicans who had invested a lot of hope in paul ryan as a bright shining hope they heard a lot of things from him and a lot of things that sounded to me like canned talking points but i think there will be a lot of enthuse yasms a a lotf republicans rallying around paul ryan, i don't know how much undecided will be moved, one issue and the paramount strategic thing joe biden had to do is staunch the detrimentally panic post denver and i think he will have done that and one place where paul ryan, the one place where paul ryan may hav
Oct 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and john heilemann of time magazine. >> albert hunt, executive editor of bloomberg news and david leonhardt the bureau chief of "the new york times", joining us shortly from washington, katty kay of bbc world news of america, and slate magazine, we have a really fascinating group of people here to talk about what was a remarkable debate. i begin first with al hunt. >> charlie, if the barack obama who was on stage at hofstra had showed up in denver two weeks ago, he might have put this race away. i don't think mitt romney did poorly tonight, i thought he actually did, you know, fairly well but barack obama was the ago press sorry. he set the agenda. he did everything he failed to do in deb very, denver, both in defending his record and in challenging some of governor romney's inconsistencies. my guess is that he let romney back in two weeks ago and this won't change, this is a very, very tight race and there was hemorrhaging, all indications were really that this was continuing that he probably stopped that this evening with a very impressive performance. >> david leonhardt. >> i a
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
political editor mark halperin and national affairs editor for "new york" magazine john heilemann. guys. hi, willie. >> hello. >> it's not as bad as being a red sox fan, but if you're a jets fan right now, holy cow! tebow's like, you know, he's getting ready. >> he should have been ready. i don't know why they kept sanchez in the whole game. 103 yards, less than 50% passing, one interception and frankly wasn't close. it was a strange thing to watch. >> it was absolutely brutal. and then, of course, the yankees, man. that playoff race. >> ooh. >> you remember what i said at the beginning of the year? i said the red sox -- we only want to be ahead of the orioles. we all laughed. it's tied! >> and the red sox have a chance to spoil the yankees' season. so that might be a saving grace, at the end of this miserable year, they have three games in new york, they could ruin the yankees' scene. >> john heilemann, as a fellow red sox fan, you and i would take no pleasure out of the red sox destroying the yankees' season. despite the fact that the yankees -- >> speak for yourself there. >> 7-0. and i
Oct 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
barnicle. mark haleprin, also national affairs editor for "new york" magazine, john heilemann. also pulitzer prize winning historian jon meacham. we have three weeks to go until election day. and tonight, obviously, is the big debate. it's going to be a town hall-style debate. and some new polls are out. let's take a look at, again, we've got a shift possibly in the electoral map. this morning, a new "usa today" gallup poll shows growing momentum for mitt romney in the key battleground states, including ohio, florida, and virginia. the poll has romney pulling ahead by four points among likely voters. 50% to 46%. this is obviously a big shift. it's only one poll. but perhaps the bigger take away from this poll and some others is how the candidates are ranking among likely woman voters in those battleground states. we've heard an awful lot about the gender gap since the primary season, but among likely female voters in swing states, mitt romney's pulling almost even with the president. 48% to 49%, among male voters in the swing states, romney has an eight-point lead over the president
Oct 16, 2012 10:00am PDT
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Oct 31, 2012 3:00am PDT
editor for "new york" magazine, john heilemann. willie is coming in the room right now. >> willie sort of sauntering in. >> he is. wow! got a lot of presidential polls to get to, and we will. >> i tell you what, important ones that really narrow the focus of this race. >> right. first we're going to start with the aftermath of sandy. the united states pledging quick relief for the millions of victims of the hurricanes. today president obama is scheduling to arrive in atlantic city to survey the damage alongside governor chris christie. this morning the associated press reports the storm killed at least 50 people. there are more than 8.2 million households still without power across 17 states. and many of the outages could last beyond election day. between damage to property and the economy, the total impact expected to reach a staggering $50 billion. the damage is perhaps nowhere worse than the coastline of new jersey where sandy came ashore laying waste to an amusement park and historic boardwalk at seaside heights. as for the airports, jfk, newark, they're expected to resume limited
Oct 24, 2012 2:00am EDT
learning a dance for the occasion. john heilemann and ron reagan join us. mitt has a tendency to assume whatever political profile he thought would best help him win. in 2007 facing a relatively moderate john mccain and rudy giuliani, he tacked to the hard right. everything could always be tweaked, reshaped, fixed, addressed said one former aide describing his outlook. saying it was foreign to him on policy issues that core principles mattered, that somebody would go back and say, well, three years ago you said this. as the president said today, let's take a listen. >> we're accustomed to seeing politicians change their positions from like four years ago. we are not accustomed to seeing politicians change their position from four days ago. >> john heilemann, this is a unique thing like we've always talked, you can't hold onto a greased pig, it just slips away. this is almost an illusory being, this romney person. what does he believe? he was talking last night like he was george mcgovern, no disrespect to george mcgovern, we just lost him, but this idea of i want a peaceful planet. all
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
be, let's go ringside to the debate site in kentucky. we're joined live by john heilemann, the national affairs editor for "new york" magazine and a pal of paul ryan. aaron shock, when was the last time you talked to ryan, and what is inside his head? >> well, sunday he was in chicago for a fund-raiser. i had the chance to have lunch with he and his wife jana, and, you know, he's doing great. he's had -- been doing debate prep with ted olsen who has been playing joe biden, but the great thing about paul is he's a man of substance. he's a man of specifics. he's a man of great policy depth which is why i think joe biden chose him as his running mate, and -- and so he really just needs to use this opportunity to communicate with the american people about what his plans are, and really to hold vice president biden's feet to the fire as to what the obama rhetoric s.a lot of their time has been spent villifying paul ryan, villifying their plan without offering specifics of their own or really what they have done for the four years while they have been in control of the country. >> jo
Oct 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. joining me is new york magazine's john heilemann who has a big article in this week's edition and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. first, two new national polls. the new "washington post"/abc news poll has president obama leading mitt romney by three points. that's three points among likely voters, 49% to 46%. in that same poll taken two weeks ago, before the first debate, the president led by just two. he's picked up a point. and the new politico/george washington university battleground poll shows the president with a one-point lead. the same poll taken before the debate had the president with a two-point lead. you see how it's dancing around that knife edge. anyway, both campaigns, both the president's and romney's, are into the closing argument phase of the race, and both sides are putting out new ads today. first, this ad from the obama campaign. i think it's the best they've ever done, the finest ad i have seen in this campaign so far, and it's positive, thank god. it's narrated by the great morgan freeman, the spencer tracy of our time. let's listen. >> every president inh
Oct 15, 2012 7:00pm EDT
you with us on this, john heilemann? do you think the high road works now? we're calling it the closing arguments. does he go with dismembering romney's tax plan? does it mean going after romney's elitism, government by, for, and of the rich? or going at him basically reminding you can complain a bit about what's going on, but look where i started, look what i have done? >> these are kind of premonitions of closing arguments. the president's ad is getting closer to what they want on the positive side to be the closing argument. i don't think we've seen the last of negative campaigning from the obama campaign and the last of contrast or the last of attacks on governor romney along the lines you were just suggesting. the romney ad is even further away from a closing argument in the sense that i think it's a typical or characteristic of them. it's a very tactical ad in the sense it's kind of trying to play on just on the joe biden performance. that ad only works because of biden's facial expressions. if you just had paul ryan saying what he's saying without the counter position to
Oct 9, 2012 9:00am PDT
magazine, john heilemann. the lovely rana fa ru har of "time" magazine and the host of totally bias, the person who is much, much funnier than me all the time, [ inaudible ]. trial by water. it's stumping in the rain is the true test, the test of a true contender. >> not letting a little rain chase us away. >> ladies, i do apologize for your hair dos getting messed up. >> then mitt romney has his game on. addressing a crowd of screaming virginia voters yesterday, amidst a downpour. >> people wonder why it is i'm so confidence we're going to win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this, this is unbelievable. thank you so much. >> he does have a rain coat on. what of the storm within the romney ranks. according to politico a shakeup in the romney campaign has created a stronger weather mitt. the candidate's family prevailed on mitt romney and the campaign operation to shake things up dramatically according to campaign insiders. the family pushed for a new message, putting an emphasis on a softer and more moderate image for the gop nominee. now nearly a week after ameri
Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
was hiding in the crowd. msnbc and "time eye eye seni" s mark halperin, john heilemann, michael steele, and the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haass. author of, joe, the forthcoming book, "foreign policy begins at home: the case for appoiputting america's house in order." that's a great touchstone for the conversation today. i think what we have going on here at home in terms of the economy affects the foreign policy. >> i think so. what does he think he is, jon meacham with his forthcoming book? he's had a forthcoming book since jefferson, like, purchased the louisiana purchase. >> i know. >> pulitzer prize. >> it's coming, though. so, guys, let's talk about -- what do we have? >> this is what david axelrod called romney's international trip. >> what's that? >> on "meet the press" yesterday. a dukes of hazzard tour of international destinations. that was good. thank you for that. perfect. >> let's talk about the latest poll that they were talking about yesterday on "meet the press." nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, dead even. >> 47-47. >> i think tha
Oct 19, 2012 2:00am EDT
. >> thank you. we've got john heilemann and ron reagan here. this cultural importance of tying into people, regular people, i think it's a big deal. >> well, it's a huge deal, and, you know, in a state like ohio, working class voters, lower middle class voters, particularly women but also men in that state are going to make the difference, and to a large extent ohio has become the state president obama must win or mitt romney must win to be president. and president obama has a little bit of a lead there. he's got to get those people to come out for him. i went to an event last time around four years ago on the sunday before the election. right outside the cleveland browns stadium. bruce springsteen, 20,000 people, a lot of working class folks who had been at the football game, came from the football game, watched bruce springsteen, the president showed up. you remember springsteen did the 2004 event for john kerry. he's become a regular surrogate in places like ohio, and people love him there. he speaks to those kind of people in a way the president sometimes has a hard time doing. >> are
Oct 19, 2012 2:30am PDT
. actually that's the john heilemann demographic. we'll show you the best moments from his face-off with jon stewart. we'll also get a check of the weather when "way too early" comes right back. >>> cell ordered flooded in some big institutional investors, private investors, mutual funds, worried about inflation rising interest rates and declining dollar and huge budget and trade deficits. and all of them afraid the markets would plunge even more. >>> is this what i say? >> yep. >> now, look at that beautiful picture of -- how's that? >> that's good. >> as you wake up, washington, d.c. let's get a check on your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, a recent victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, bill, we won't talk about it. let's just pretend, mika. >> no. >> mika gives atta boysp thisbo. they do it in sports dugouts. >> i don't you all are sick. >> i think it makes bill uncomfortable. >> i'm dealing with it. >> deal with the weather, okay? >> thank you for soldiering on. >> the last time the three of us were together was mika's sleepover at her house. >> okay. >> no,
Oct 25, 2012 3:00am PDT
national affairs editor for "new york" magazine and msnbc political analyst, john heilemann. we also have pulitzer prize-winning historian jon meacham. >> that's a nice smile. >> yeah. hi, willie. >> and willie geist is here as well. willie, you know, when presidential campaigns are coming down to the final stretch, we all know who they go to, right? >> right. >> how do you set the shot up, right? >> exactly. >> what's the angle? what's the image? and who do you go to? you go to tv's own willie geist, right? >> you do. >> let me ask you, willie, what were you thinking yesterday when you decided i'm going to put the president of the united states down in some corn. >> by a hay bale. >> with bales of hay all around to make brian williams look like he's one of the country bears in country bear jamboree. what's going on there? >> i guess the story can be told now, brian did call me. >> okay. >> yesterday about noon. >> right. >> said geist, what do we go with? and i said, you're going to want to get yourself some bales of hay because it's just two guys in blue suits hanging out on the fa
Oct 22, 2012 9:00am PDT
editor, john heilemann. john, always good to see you. >> alex, great to see you, too. we're here in the sunshine state but of course, the greatest source of sunshine in our world is not here. we miss you. >> oh, just buttering me up. i will take it, however. john, we talked, there may be romnesia on the campaign trail. there is also a certain amount of amnesia in the national press corps. we knew this thing would be tight. that said, given the economy improving and a rosier, distinctly rosier outlook if you believe the polls, are you surprised that the race is at close as it is, given how much improvement there's been on the unemployment numbers? >> well, certainly the fact that the economy is improving is good news for president obama but it's not improving that dramatically in terms of the -- i mean, the unemployment numbers dropped a little below 8%. the president is still weighed down by the fact that only happened a month ago and he had four years worth of unemployment picture was stubbornly bad. we are also not seeing wages rising, not seeing gdp growth surging. it's not like we'r
Oct 15, 2012 3:00am PDT
analyst john heilemann. also the vice president and executive editor of the new and msnbc political analyst richard wolffe. in chicago, we've got msnbc and "time" senior political analyst, mark halperin. he's going to talk about a little dust-up over the moderator of the debate this week. and in washington, the washington anchor for bbc world news america, katty kay. so much to talk about. but let's start by talking about this critical week that's ahead in the presidential elections. the candidates are going to be getting together for two more debates within a week. and you know, you've just got to know, the face of this race is going to change again. a new poll out of likely voters sets the stage. and this is by "the washington post" and abc news. and it puts the race within the margin of error in this national poll. you've got president obama at 49%. mitt romney's at 46%. and the poll finds a majority of americans now approve of the way that the president's handling his job. over 51% while 42% believe the country's heading in the right direction, up from 13% two weeks ag
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 109 (some duplicates have been removed)